Wednesday, April 7, 2010

{peek into} planning a party

I am four times a bridesmaid; two of the four have been serving as maid of honor.  Needless to say, I am well-versed in the wonderful world of weddings.  Sometimes I hear that I remind a person of the girl from 27 Dresses.  Despite the fact that my life has lots of weddings in it, I still get excited for each one.  At times, I refer to a few books for guidance and inspiration - the Bridesmaid Guide has been a go-to for me.

Today, I spent a couple minutes collecting past wedding shower games for a barista who's looking for a bit of guidance herself.  She's not sure what games to play and was looking for some that were tried, true, and actually fun... No clothespins allowed!  I put together a few past guest favorites, but was wondering if any of you had any games you have enjoyed playing at wedding showers/baby showers/bachelorette parties.  Please share!

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  1. We once played a quick game where everyone was given a piece of paper and a magazine and told to put them on your head. Then, you were supposed to draw the bride in her wedding dress while the paper is on the top of your head. It's really fast, easy and funny. Sounds dumb, but it's fun.