Monday, November 15, 2010

{ideas for} budget friendly centerpieces

Months ago, I posted an idea.  Little did I know that a short while later, I would be using that idea to keep my own wedding within budget.  M and I have decided to use potted plants as our centerpieces.  We started early (buying small plants and growing them for 10 months before the event) and were able to cut costs significantly.  We spent a mere $250 on centerpieces for 20 tables including the terracotta pots and saucers, various plants, and potting soil.

Consider your talent, your vision of your event, and your own DIY spirit before undertaking this project.  Also consider that a plant may die in the time between purchase and display at the event, so you could incur additional costs.  That said, it's so fun to see them everyday and be able to watch them grow!

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