Monday, January 10, 2011

{dreaming of} fashionable rocks

After the Dinner with Maggie post, I remembered that I love the look of, and am inspired by, the style of "raw jewelry".  M has this knack of picking things out for me (shoes, clothes, paper goods, you name it) that I like but had no idea I liked; a few years ago for our anniversary, he purchase me a stunning geode-slice necklace with gold-plating on the raw outside form as the setting.  To this day, it's a favorite and one of the few necklaces I wear.  After that, it's no surprise that I love Anthropologie's creatively ethereal raw jewelry.  I like it so much that I'm considering wearing it to my own wedding!

Row 1 LeftMiddleRight
Row 2 LeftMiddleRight
Row 3 LeftMiddleRight
Urban Outfitters is the sister store of Anthropologie and feature a Studio Collection of higher quality, fashionable pieces.  It's no wonder those two retailers mesh so well together!

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