Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the easiest "customization"

Image via Minted
The easiest way to get a design that you want (for anything from paper goods to architecture) is to take a look around at what came before.  There will always be "cutting edge" design, but more likely than not it has taken a cue from some inspiration somewhere.

A good design is a good design, but it can also be easily modified to better fit the needs of another client once the initial good design has been completed.  Above is a great basic graphic using only one style of typeface; for a recent baby announcement example, I have taken this idea for inspiration and modified it to have some visual layering.  Both are effective.  I wonder what other sort of item would look good with this aesthetic...

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I encourage clients to send me images and descriptions of things they like - no two projects will ever be identical. If you need some design work completed and are interested in something custom, send me a note!

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