Sunday, September 25, 2011

budget-friendly announcements

Everyone loves an announcement, but sometimes the costs are too much to make it worth it.  Thank goodness that I've got plenty of experience making those dollars good to the last drop!  This project is a very affordable graduation announcement using pre-printed clearance stationery and some custom Olive & Emerald designed stamps.  You may think that stamps are outdated, something one got into in 1991 and left in 1992, but you're wrong.

For this project, we purchased a few cute blank cards and envelopes from a local store.  The color palette really called to us - wild iris!  The next step was to design a few stamps to spruce up and personalize the card for the occasion.

The finishing touch is another custom address stamp to coordinate (or in this case match completely) the envelopes with the rest.  Et viola!  A set of announcements that is wallet friendly.  I love custom stamps.

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