Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{dreaming of} puddle jumping fashion

It's supposed to rain as much today as it normally would for the entire month of October.  Now, 1" may not be a lot to some of you, but it's sure a lot for us here.  Thus, my brain has been taken up by thoughts of fashionable rain boot choices.  For M, it would be easy - I'd be him a pair of the Alaskan staple Xtratufs in a heart beat (it's practically a right of passage when you buy your first pair up there).  For me however, not so simple.  I want options and style so I can wear them to the office without shame.
From left to right:

Sadly, none of the cute rainy-day options are really necessary for San Luis Obispo most of the year.  A girl can dream.

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