Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{wishlist} just plain pretty

Last but not least, we have things that are pretty.  They may be practical, but dang are they pretty.

1:  Anything from Chameleon Fine Furniture* would be awesome, but it's the Jessica today.
2:  A few Finn Pendants, aglow over the work table would be nice.
3:  Toss this Hand-Blocked Triangle Pillow on for a little personality.
4:  A couple of Edge Flutes...
5:  And a Handyman's Ceramic Pail...
6:  Make a little something special (yummy Brut Champagne!) for client meetings.

*Just a note about the Chameleon Fine Furniture:  I have one of these in my home already and it's amazing.  I got to choose every part of it from the size to the fabric to the legs.  It's amazing, and I really want a chaise to go with it!

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