Tuesday, November 29, 2011

{wishlist} practical and pretty

M loves a practical gift; I love those that look awesome.  This list is an attempt to bridge those mindsets and curate a great office setup.

1:  I'd use something like this Mumbai Case to carry my imaginary tablet in.
2:  This Lion Head Letter Opener is just plain baller.  Any questions?
3:  A natural wood Perpetual Calendar to answer the question "What day is it?"
4:  This water hyacinth Large Curved Basket, perfect for winter blankets.
5:  Proudly post your business info in the Repurposed Frame.
6:  One 26 oz. Weck Canning Jar is just right for holding things like washi tape.
7:  The small, patterned Twiggy Office Storage Boxes are a great size for paper.

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