Monday, January 23, 2012

{wishlist} valentine gifts for the animal lover

For the next couple of days, I will be featuring alternative Valentine's Day gift ideas ranging from small acts of kindness to grand gestures of love.  We start it off with ideas for those bleeding hearts out there.  Here are a few ideas I have been thinking about (as M is practically Dr. Dolittle)...

1:  A tried and true favorite for the day, but in the form of Ladybugs and Bees
2:  In place of the usual bear, try a Fox or other unforgettable favorite
3:  Spoil the inner nerd with a subscription to the classic Zoobooks
4:  Make a date out!  Head to the zoo, aquarium or nature preserve together
5:  Skip the naming a star after your sweetheart and adopt an animal in their name instead...  I can't get the idea of adopting a tiger (my fave) out of my head

And if you're feeling crazy, click here to download a free print-at-home card that looks a little like this:

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