Monday, March 26, 2012

{familiar face} becky hawkins

In case you don't stalk the pages of Olive & Emerald's website or Facebook page, this lady is responsible for some of the gorgeous letterpress work found there.  Say hello to Becky.

Photo by Tempting Weddings Photography
How would you describe yourself in three words?
Perfectionist, faithful, understated.

How has design influenced the way you work?
Great design is the engine behind beautiful letterpress printing.  Well designed pieces can highlight the strengths of vintage printing.  Color, layout, typeface, artwork and printing can be so much more powerful together than standing alone.  There is nothing more fun than printing a gorgeously designed project!

What is the paper good you can't live without, practical or otherwise?
Scratch paper, and odds and ends from other print projects, are the inspiration for so many other designs.  I love to doodle, die cut, layer and mix and match papers and printing to create something new.  Of course, practically, I can't live without our 60 and 90 year olds presses!

Thanks to Becky for giving us a hint at what it would be like to be a letterpress printer.  If you don't catch her around town with her husband and two super-cute girls, you can find her at Sugar Plum Invitations.


  1. Thanks so much Kerry:-) I love the new photos of Bernard suite!

  2. Me too. I can't get over how well they turned out and how tactile they still are in photos.