Monday, April 30, 2012

{familiar face} jamie grolle

Some of you might think that I'm very good at everything...  However true I may want that to be, it's not the case.  I am lucky enough to know people with many different talents, including one that specializes in staying connected.  Jamie has been been my go-to-guru for all things social media since the conception of Olive & Emerald (she's a genius) and has helped me keep the business connected.

Photo via Ken Kienow

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Happy, curious, determined. 

How has design influenced the way you work?
I once heard a brand identity described as "a burning scar with bankable value".  Design has influenced social media because it translates the message of a company or brand to the consumer.  The best business identities are created with designs that illicit an emotional response from a consumer, establishing a relationship - or "bankable value".  A crucial part of my job is helping clients establish a brand identity, though design and social media, that can shrink the distance between the business and the consumer.

What is the paper good you can't live without, practical or otherwise?
In lieu of traditional marketing, I have been able to grow my social media business through referrals from existing clients and face-to-face networking among my target markets, making business cards a must-have when meeting potential clients.  My business identity and brand logo, designed by Olive & Emerald and showcased on my business cards, are a crucial part of a lasting impression.  After a handshake and a business card are exchanged, a relationship has begun.

When she's not off teaching the masses how to harness the power of social media, Jamie can be found chillin' with her trusty kitties and working here.

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