Friday, June 1, 2012

makin' the most

I may not be overwhelmed with clients right now like I was last May, but I'm not letting that fact get me down.  Even though I'm just as busy as ever, it's been my personal life that's kept my calendar full this spring.  That said, I've been taking the free moments and channeling them into some just-plain-fun projects like this birthday card that Michael and I thought up on the long card ride home from a weekend trip to San Diego a few weeks back.

Photo by Olive & Emerald

These proofs are lookin' pretty good.  Who knows, maybe there will be one in your mailbox for your birthday.


  1. Hells yeah! I can't wait to see the reaction to this card. Should be fantastic.

    1. @popnfresh - I'm excited to see how it all goes too! I have a test subject planned for this weekend.