Monday, September 10, 2012

new branding ideas

I've been designing a lot goodies for Olive & Emerald lately: thank you cards, mailing lists, product tags and stickers, packaging and a lot more.  I'm starting to doubt myself as I keep going to back to the same crisp, minimal graphics that I love.  Per Michael's suggestions, I'm trying to make things looser and more fun.  I whipped up this illustration of my namesake, but I want your feedback about.  Comment away, friends!


  1. My thoughts: I'm also a big fan of the simple, crisp graphics of original O&E. I don't know if "looser" necessarily means "more fun", but that could be my love of straight lines and classic styles talking. I think that O&E demonstrates its fun side through your blog posts and photos of your work. You are able to design a wide range of styles, and everything turns out well. Just my two cents, but I like the current branding of O&E. :)

    1. @jessicauhl I appreciate your feedback. I'm planning on keeping the logo, so don't worry. I have just been exploring new areas. Maybe the instinct to keep things clean and simple is a good thing!