Wednesday, December 5, 2012

thoughts about baby books

There are probably 10,000 ideas swimming around my head at any time.  One that has been popping up a lot recently has to do with little babies and their parents.  Before you even ask, Michael and I are not having kids any time soon, but thankfully lots of our friends and family members are.  Really, I look at this as a win win situation.

There are a few ladies we know that are due in the early months of next year, and I keep contemplating the concept of a baby book for them.  The only problem: I need to know what you think about baby books.  Are they archaic?  Do new moms and dads prefer a more flexible option to accommodate their time (babies require attention for most of the day, after all) and their personal style?  Is it better to just have a photo album?  So many questions.  Pretty please, share lots of comments on ways to mark milestones for new little ones or email me and we can talk in depth.


  1. I still like baby books and even though i probably wont have a lot of time to do a baby book I still want to mark the milestones in my babies life. So I guess if you keep it simple and easy to do Im all about it.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Bekah. I'm trying to pull together some ideas that are both cute and easy for the busy mom.

  2. As difficult as it is to sit down and do baby books they ultimately become quite a treasure.. regardless of the level of effort put into them or if they're complete. Pictures are worth a thousand words.