Monday, April 15, 2013

{found design} in my bag

A good designer usually doesn't stop thinking about the way things go together when not at work.  I know I have a hard time stopping the color and composition thought process.  A good example is the array of goods I carry in my purse at all times - they go together.

Image via Olive & Emerald

I'm currently in the market to replace my cracked iPhone case...  And I happen to love this leopard print case from Rifle Paper Co.  It coincidentally complements the stuff I carry around with me daily.

Image via Rifle Paper Co.

I find that these little occurrences where things end up matching or having a theme liven up what might otherwise become monotonous.  Nothing that I carry around in my purse has been a life-changing purchase, but these little bits and bobs help me stay organized (because each one is so different, it's easy to remember what goes where), and entertained.  This is a deeply rooted passion for design...

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